Personal Accident – It can happen at school, in sport, at home or on holiday and when it does there is no warning. We have you covered from a 1 year until you no longer need it.

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Our Personal Accident insurance goes a step further than many of the products available in the market. They not only insure you against fractures, loss of limb, permanent disability, loss of sight, etc but also cover you against death as a result of an accident.

The Personal Accident product can include any children that are aged up to 18 or under 23 years of age if in full time education for free and your spouse or partner can easily be added as well. The product is targeted at those up to 70 years of age and can cost as little as £1.90 per month.

The Personal Accident policy pays out in the event of an accident and the amount of money that can be claimed is defined by the cause of accident, the injury sustained and the number of units of cover that you have purchased.

The Personal Accident SeniorCare product is targeted at those over 70 years of age and covers more of the kind of accidents that you are likely to incur with increased age. Your spouse or partner can easily be added and there is no upper age limit or medical screening required. The only exclusion is if you have already been diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Two levels of cover are available and premiums start from £7.25 per month.

Accidents, by their very nature, can happen at any time. This insurance not only covers small accidents but also catastrophic ones. Our Personal Accident Cover pays out in the event that you end up with a permanent disability. Not only that your children are also covered even when they are playing sport at school. This is the ideal product for adults with children. If you are over 70, we also have a great product for you!