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Finding out that you have cancer is a traumatic experience, and one which doesn’t only have health implications; it can also have an unwelcome financial impact. The ‘my family guard’ range of products have been designed to provide you with the financial help you need to help you through a difficult time.

my family guard
my family guardBrought to you by Coverwell Financial Solutions

We started the company back in 2005. Our aim was to develop a company that could provide cost effective accident and cancer cover to the public and thanks to some great business relationships, we have managed to do just that. The ‘my family guard’ range of insurances provide you with a choice of covers that are scalable to what you can afford. In addition to that your children, if they are under 23 and in full time education, they are covered for free! Why not check the cover out and see what is available.

“… your customer service has been excellent.”
Mr Humphris - Gloucester
“Excellent and friendly service – much appreciated”
Mrs Mcgregor - Wakefield
“I would like to thank you very much for the prompt and efficient manner with which you have dealt with this matter.”
Mr Mathews - Essex
“I appreciate the prompt and efficient service with which you dealt with my request, something which I find rare these days.”
Mrs James - Pembs

A range of products that are focused on providing financial support to you and your family when you most need the help.

Full Cancer Insurance Cover

Comprehensive Cancer Cover for the whole family. It might not be as expensive as you think...

Comprehensive Cover

A cancer diagnosis can cost you more than your health. Travel for treatment, additional childcare costs, extra help around the home – these are all increased costs a cancer sufferer can face.
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Male Cancer Cover

Male Cancer not only affects your health it affects your ability to earn an income.

Money When You Need It

Male cancer can affect more than your health it can affect your finances in a big way. This product can pay you up to £25,000.

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Female Cancer Cover

Female Cancer Cover that is simple and straightforward. Plus your daughters can get cover too.

Help When You Need It

Female Cancer is a terrible thing to have to go through. Let us help take some of the financial burdens away

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